Our History

J. E. McMurtry Disposal was established in 1959 by James McMurtry.  James has been around the trash disposal business all of his life.  He started working for his father, Tom McMurtry, who had a successful trash disposal business here in Nashville.  Once James reached his twenties, he decided it was time to branch out with his own trash disposal business. 

Even though times have changed throughout the years, and
J. E. McMurtry Disposal has grown in size, there are still a lot of characteristics that continue to keep J. E. McMurtry Disposal a small, family owned and operated business.  The majority of the employees at J. E. McMurtry Disposal are either family members or close family friends who all share the same dedication and commitment to providing quality trash disposal service.  Our number one goal is to provide quality trash disposal and recycling services for people in our service areas, while maintaining the quality service and dedication that our current customers have come to expect.