Residential Recycling Service

- We offer MONTHLY curbside recycling pick-up for people in our service areas

- We will furnish you a 95 gallon "recycling" cart for you to use for your recyclables.

- You should place your cart on the curb the evening before your designated pick-up day which is found INSIDE the cart top.

- You don't have to be a trash disposal customer in order to sign-up for our recycling service.


- We accept the following recyclables:
     * Paper - All Types
     * Newspaper/Magazines
     * Food Boxes - Clean
     * Cardboard
     * Aluminum Cans
     * Metal Food Cans
     * Plastic Bottles/Containers

- We DO NOT accept the following recyclables:
     * Glass
     * Trash
     * Yard Waste

- For more information or to sign-up for recycling service call or email us.