1. How much trash can I put out?
    - You are allowed the cart we provided along with ONE 30 gallon can or the equivalent in bags.
  2. What forms of payment do you accept?
    - We accept personal checks and money orders.
    - Visa/MasterCard if you call into our office.
    - Cash payments are accepted as long as you give it to the driver in a sealed envelope with your name and address. Please DO NOT mail in cash payments.
  3. What time should I have my trash out on pick-up day?
    - We recommend that you place your trash out at the curb for curbside service the evening before your actual pick-up day. This will ensure that your trash is picked up.
    - If your trash is not out when the truck comes through your area then it will be picked up on your next scheduled pick-up day.
  4. Will you pick-up yard waste?
    - We can no longer accept yard waste from any of our customers who live in Davidson county due to an updated solid waste code adopted by Metro Nashville. For more information please call Nashville Public Works at 615-880-1000 or visit their website at www.nashville.gov/Recycle/recycle.asp
  5. Are there items that you cannot pick-up?
    - Construction debris
    - Rock, dirt, concrete, asphalt
    - Hazardous material
    - Paint cans w/paint inside
    - Tires
    - Appliances
    - Batteries
    - Motor oil
    - Antifreeze
  6. Should I place my trash in bags inside my cart?
    - Yes, this will help prevent littering if your cart gets blown or knocked over before our truck arrives. This can also help keep the inside of your cart as clean as possible, thus preventing smell and bugs.
  7. Pay online at https://www.trashbilling.com